Former FTX CEO’s Penthouse Listed For Sale

A penthouse in the Bahamas that is spread across 12,000 square feet has been listed for sale for $39.9 million and is under the ownership of Sam Bankman-Fried.

Reports have also disclosed that a whopping $74 million was spent by FTX Property Holdings on real estate purchases in the Oceanside district of Albany Bahamas.

Real estate listing

A real estate listing was published this past weekend, which is reportedly the property of the former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried.

Known as the ‘Orchard Building’, the property is located on Albany Resort, or Albany Bahamas, which is a resort community spread across 600 acres.

The listing shows that the asking price for the Oceanside property is about $39.9 million and the maintenance fee for the property of the effective altruist is close to $21,000.

Twitter Account Autism Capital’ shared the penthouse listing and it received plenty of responses. People mocked the altruistic nature that Sam Bankman-Fried had always talked about.

The Twitter thread saw people making fun of SBF’s effective altruism claims, saying that the house was the perfect example.

FTX’s real estate spending

Other than the mansion in the Albany district, another report showed that FTX had reportedly made real estate purchases worth $74 million in the Bahamas.

People had seen documents showing that during 2022, the property spending of FTX Property Holdings was about $74,230,193.

According to the report, properties that were purchased in the Albany Bahamas district this year were worth $67.4 million.

Other than the properties in Albany, the report also said that a condo was also acquired by Sam Bankman-Fried for $2 million at One Cable Beach.

The bankruptcy protection filing that the company made on Friday in Delaware lists a number of its affiliates, which includes the subsidiary FTX Property Holdings.

More purchases

Apart from these purchases, the now-bankrupt crypto exchange had also bought the property in Miami, Florida.

According to a report, the company had been planning on setting up permanent space where it could have about 16 to 18 employees.

The office that FTX had purchased in Miami was located in the Brickell financial district. On November 7th, the company had also shared a video of a new office that it had set up in Tokyo.

This was just days before it filed for bankruptcy. Liquidators will now be dealing with the property and other assets of the company.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of questions surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried and his crypto empire that has now come crashing down.

The New York Times published an interview with the FTX founder and former CEO, but it received a lot of criticism.

The interview did not give answers to the questions that people have and it did not mention anything about the alleged fraud that was committed.

Instead, it disclosed that SBF was getting a lot of sleep and was playing video games. There was no use of words like fraud, criminal, stolen, or crime in the article in question, which drew a lot of ire.