Group-500 Review – Assessing the Features of the Broker

Group-500 Review

Group-500 logoAs the online trading industry continues to grow, the number of online trading brokerages is also on the rise.

Currently, there are plenty of online trading brokerages that claim to be providing the best online trading services, tools, packages, and profits but hardly any online trading brokerage manages to stay true to its claims.

However, there is one particular brokerage known as Group-500 that has been constantly increasing its user-base and it is providing top-level services to users for more than a decade. So here’s my Group-500 review to show you exactly how it has to offer you.

Introduction to Group-500

Group-500 is a remarkable online trading brokerage that is known for providing you with one of the most profitable, secure, friendly, highly-knowledgeable trading environments.

Trading Experts/Analyst at Group-500

At Group-500, you are welcomed by a team of highly experienced trading experts and analysts. These experts have built their careers around the trading businesses and are extremely knowledgeable about the processes and maneuvers of doing trades in the online trading markets.

Group-500 Teams’ Focus

The teams of expert traders and analysts at Group-500 are dedicated to not only guide throughout your trades and decision-making, but they are also dedicated to providing you with all the knowledge you need in order to become independent. They aim to provide you with their trading experiences, tactics, maneuvers, and tips/tricks they learned and practiced that turned them into experts that they are today.

Main Goal of Group-500

Over the course of time, the online trading industry has ended up losing its worth and reputation it used to have in the past. This is mainly because of the below-standard online trading brokerages that have started emerging. These online trading brokerages have started offering services and benefits, which they do not intend to provide. They make promises they do not intend to keep, and these unethical practices have resulted in the new generation of potential investors lose faith in the online trading business.

This is exactly the kind of perception that Group-500 has been trying to get rid of. For more than a decade, the brokerage has been busy providing clients all the services, benefits, and tools that prove that it is focused on building the profiles that would in return bring in profits for them.

Group-500 trading platform
Services at Group-500

Group-500 is known for providing users with a wide range/variety of services that include types of accounts, educational services, real-time support, trading platform, academic program, and much more. So now I will be listing a few of the services provided by Group-500 so you can know exactly how Group-500 is able to distinguish itself among other online trading brokerages.

Broker Group-500
Account Types Beginner, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature
Trading Platform Web Based, Mobile
Minimum Deposit +2,500
Asset Index Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Price Alerts, etc.
Education Standard Trading Room, Platform Walkthrough, Technical & Fundamental Education
Customer Support Phone and Email
Website Language EN

Trading Accounts Offered by Group-500

To ensure that you get to have services that are compatible with your trading experience, knowledge, and expertise, Group-500 has put together an entire catalog of trading accounts. You can go through the details of each account provided on each account at the Group-500 website and choose the one you feel would be suitable for you.

As of now, Group-500 provides you with a total of 5 trading accounts that include silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP levels. Each account comes with a high set of services, features, and benefits that ascend from the silver trading account. The minimum deposit you are required to make at Group-500 to acquire the most basic trading account (silver) is €10,000 and the minimum deposit goes all the way up to €500,000 if you wish to acquire the VIP account.

Some of the most essential services and benefits you gain at Group-500 include trading signals, trading sessions, access to educational/academic programs, annual dividends, low fee charges, premium trading room, welcome bonus, and daily market reviews.

Online Trading Platform provided by Group-500

In the online trading industry, the majority of online trading brokerages are dependent on third-party providers when it comes to having an online trading platform. At present, you will observe that majority of the online trading brokerages provide trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), eToro, and many more.

The reason why the online trading brokerages acquire these trading platforms is that they are well-equipped with services, features, and tools that play a key role in helping. This is the reason these platforms have been running the show for such a long time. However, no matter how advanced, convenient, and reliable they become, they would always be third-party platforms, meaning the brokerages will always have to rely on these third-party providers to provide them with the services.

This is where Group-500 has taken care of this matter in an entirely sophisticated manner and has provided you with online trading that is designed, developed, and launched by the brokerage itself.

Services by Online Trading Platform

The online trading platform designed by Group-500 comes with a highly convenient, sophisticated, and user-friendly trading environment. The platform is equipped with top-notch trading tools and state-of-the-art features that provide you with full transparency, knowledge, information, and tips while performing trades.

Some of the most unique features offered by Group-500 include trading charts/graphs, trading signals, daily market alerts, price alerts, algo-trading, single-click executions, low spreads, and much more.

On top of that, the platform also provides you with historical reports per trading instrument and gives you the full coverage that you need in order to carry out the trades in the most profitable and effective manner. The online trading platform offered to Group-500 is available for you through the web and smartphones.

Even if it is a smartphone, the services through the Group-500 trading platform through smartphones are exactly the same as the web-based platform.

Trading Instruments through Group-500

There are possibilities that in search of finding a reliable online trading brokerage, you must have gone through a long list of the brokerages currently providing mediocre level services. If you have then you must have seen one similarity among these trading brokerages, which is that majority of the online trading brokerages nowadays provide a single or a couple of online trading instruments.

The brokerages do this because they either do not have enough manpower to handle many users at one or they have experts that excel only in one particular trading instrument. This is something that not only limits the number of options that you can avail for trading but also puts your assets/money at a risk, as you may always fear losing them because of lack of expertise from the guiding teams.

This is where Group-500 again takes the leads by providing you with a list of trading instruments so you can choose the one that you feel would be the right choice for you. At present, the entire online trading industry knows that the most profiting and widely traded instruments include forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices.

No matter the trading instrument you choose, you are provided with full support, guidance, and trading advice throughout your trading journey. Group-500 has teams of experts dedicated per trading instrument who are always available to ensure that every decision/trade made is after careful thinking and measurement. So rest assured and keep trusting the expertise of the experts at Group-500 brokerage to lead the way for you.

Education Program by Group-500

Group-500 not only provides you the opportunity to trade but also provides you with a platform where you can get to learn about online trades, instruments, markets, trends, and much more. CFD does this to ensure that you are provided with enough information and insights that help you smoothen your trades and be confident throughout your trading journey:

1-On-1 Trading

As soon as you become part of Group-500, all your trading worries are the worries of the teams working at the brokerage. The first aim that the Group-500 teams follow is to provide you with proper training for your trading activities. The experts provide you with 1 on 1 coaching sessions where they discuss the trends of the trading markets, the secrets to success, and the growth of your profile. They provide you with all the training you need in order to keep going in the trading industry.

Trading Training Sessions

Apart from 1-on-1 coaching, Group-500 also walks you through the trading markets with one of their experts doing the trades while many other traders just like you spectate them. This is to show you exactly how the trades are performed even in some of the most challenging scenarios. This is bound to provide you even more experience and confidence in the trading industry and get to know things from the experts.

Academic Program

This is the most unique and outstanding program that the Group-500 brokerage has introduced. The academic program comes equipped with a lot of training material from giving you a detailed introduction to the trading business. Detailed information around all the trading instruments, their markets, their insights, and most importantly, the terminologies covering the entire online trading industry.

The academic program has been designed in such a manner that you find the right content for every trading level that you achieve. Whether you are a novice, a mediocre, or an expert in trading, you will always found the content in the academic program that will help you gain more experience and knowledge in the online trading sector.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Group-500

The financial and risk-management teams at Group-500 know very well that for investors/clients, the most critical part is always the finances/investments. There are plenty of online trading brokerages that provide users with numerous payment options for making deposits and withdrawals. However, Group-500 believes in keeping things very simple and easy to understand:

Deposits at Group-500

When it comes to making deposits, Group-500 lays out very simple methods that include Credit/Debit cards, eWallets, and Bank Wire transfers.

The first initial deposit you are required to make in order to start trading at Group-500 is €10,000. If you make a deposit via debit/credit card or eWallets, then the money is transferred to your Group-500 trading account instantly and it also starts reflecting there.

However, if the deposit is made through bank wire transfer, then the process can take up to 5 working days to be fully processed and reflect in your account.

Withdrawals at Group-500

When it comes to making withdrawals, you have the same methods at your disposal as debit/credit cards, eWallets, and bank wire transfers. To ensure there are no delays in getting your money withdrawn, your personal identification must always remain up-to-date.

No matter the withdrawal method, the withdrawal gets processed by Group-500 within 24-hours. However, if it is a bank wire transfer, then it may take up to 5 days for the transaction to be cleared and reflect into your bank account.

Transactions Safety at Group-500

If you are planning to start trading with Group-500 and are still a bit skeptical about the security of your personal and financial information, then you can rest assured. Group-500 has this section fully covered by introducing an industry-level security system known as 256-bit SSL Security Protocol.

Any transactions or data flowing through the 256-bit SST Security Protocol is encrypted and travels peer-to-peer (p2p). This means that your personal and financial information is always secured through encryptions so no outsider or irrelevant person can gain access to this information and steal it away.

Transactions Safety at Group-500Adherence to Regulations

Group-500 is dedicated to providing you with the safest and the most ethical trading environment. In order to achieve this, the exchange has vowed to assist the regulatory authorities in helping them in identifying criminal or terrorist syndicates.

Therefore, the brokerage is fully compliant with the two most critical regulations that include KYC and AML. Group-500 tries its best to remain compliant with both regulations by keeping the personal identification of the individuals up-to-date in their system and also keep a close eye on the transactional activities of the traders using the platform.

Customer Support at Group-500

At Group-500, whenever you have a query from Monday to Saturday, you have the customer support team at the brokerage that is ready to provide you with all the support you need. The customer support team at Group-500 is available 24/6 via phone, email, or chat support so you can how you wish to get in touch with them.

No matter the channel, the moment you get in touch with them, you will realize that the support at Group-500 is highly experienced, professional, efficient, prompt, and friendly.