MATIC Traders Expect Its Value May Surge 200% But Want Authentication From Polygon’s Data

In recent years, Polygon has tried its best to form several partnerships in order to make high-profile partners. So far, Polygon has succeeded in doing so, and now, it has a list of strong partners.

The list of strong and high-profile partners includes Robinhood, Starbucks, and Disney. Polygon even went on to form a very strategic and important partnership with two major companies recently.

These major companies include JPMorgan and Instagram, adding more value to the list of partners it has. With the partnerships it has been forming, the investors seem to be growing very excited.

The Polygon investors have really high hopes for the network and hope that in light of the recent partnerships, MATIC’s value would surge significantly.

According to the investors, the trading value of MATIC, the native token on the Polygon network, may experience an up to 200% surge in value.

As the investors have high hopes for MATIC’s strong rally, it is important to look at the data coming from the Polygon network. It would give us a better idea of whether a strong rally could be expected or not.

We will be having a look at three major factors such as the users on Polygon, the technology used by the network, and TVL plus the number of transactions.

The rise in Daily Users and Fees

In the past month, MATIC’s trading price has surged by 12%. However, it is not just the value that has increased but the daily active users and the transaction fees on the platform have also surged.

From August 5 until now, the daily active users plus the daily fees have recorded a 200% rise. On August 5, the average daily active users were 248,853 and the transactions collected were $42,093.

As of now, the average daily active users are at 737,815 (peak figure) and the transaction fees collected on a daily basis are at $131,940.

Top Blockchains for Developers

Polygon blockchain has been gaining fast growth and adoption when it comes to launching decentralized applications (DApps). The platform lets the developers create and launch their own DApps.

The utilities and the tools that Polygon offers are extremely efficient for the developers. Therefore, the developers have been joining the network on a large scale to benefit from Polygon’s capabilities.

TVL of Polygon has risen over $1 Billion

TVL is among the top indicators on any blockchain that shows how much funds are locked on multiple protocols and platforms launched through the network.

As of now, the total value locked (TVL) on the Ethereum, Binance, and Tron blockchains is at the highest. They are reportedly sitting over $5 billion each.

As for Polygon, the TVL is now over $1 billion and it is growing at a fast rate. This shows that the Polygon blockchain is in high demand and its TVL may keep rising at a much faster rate than its rivals.

As all three factors are going in favor of the positive movement, it can be easily suggested that the price of MATIC may surge 200% in near future.