According to Former US Treasurer, the Primary Purpose of XRP is to Facilitate Cross Border Payments

Despite the fact that XRP is at the moment battling it out with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the global entanglement for Ripple remains strong. Rosa Rios, who is a former US treasurer and currently serving as one of Ripple’s board members, shared on social media that XRP is a cryptocurrency with the primary purpose of facilitating cross-border payments. Other cryptocurrencies said Rosa might find their value in speculation, but the same is not true for Xrp.

Rosa joined Ripple’s board of directors in the May of this year; the very move of China uprooting every crypto link or site of business from the country confirms that the crypto market is a speculative business, and countries like China don’t like the idea of speculative investment or any such risky business. She has also said that XRP is free from that speculative edge that the crypto market possesses and has a sole focus on facilitating cross-border payments. This means that XRP will soon become the go-to cryptocurrency for transferring money and digital assets from one country to another while other cryptocurrencies are busy fighting the label of speculation stomped on them.

Rosa Rios Supports Ripple

Rosa did serve as the US treasurer from 2009 to 2016, and she saw all currency-related production taking place through that time period. When she joined Ripple’s board of directors this year, she mentioned that blockchain and crypto would definitely become the future standards for financial systems around the globe. She thinks that Ripple is one of the best examples of how cryptocurrency can be used as a substantial and legitimate role in our world’s economy.

She also affirmed the fact that there is a lot of work to be done because no matter how secure cryptocurrencies are, there are still a few bad sides attached to them, such as they are used to fund the dark web and other such preposterous activities. But Ripple is trying its best to mask its presence and trying its best to cut these ties with these illicit activities and will only be used for legal and legitimate purposes.