Brave Browser has Rolled Out Built-In Ethereum Wallet for Users

The Brave browser has recently made an important announcement for cryptocurrency investors. The company has recently made the updated version 1.32 online. The new upgrade allows users to access a built-in digital wallet feature. In a press release held on Tuesday, Brave executive told media that the digital investors would be able to access the feature without any discrimination.

As per the press statement, all 40 million-plus users of the Brave browsers can now access this novel wallet. The Brave wallet is compatible with all the digital tokens that are hosted on the Ethereum network. The digital investors can also use the Brave wallet for accessing the dApps projects and Layer 2 Ether solutions. The sidechain cryptocurrency projects like Polygon, xDai, and others that are compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) are also accessible.

The novel concept of the Brave digital wallet is not a standalone project. Keeping in view the utility of the investors, the developers made the Brave wallet compatible with other popular Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and Trust Wallet. The users who prefer to store their digital reserves in hardware wallets like Terzor and Ledger can also use the same platform to transfer their funds without using any third-party application.

The Chief Technology Officer of Brave, Brain Bondy, told the media that the concept of the Brave wallet is inspired by the issues faced by digital investors. He claimed that many digital traders had been scammed by hackers who use imitation extensions to defraud their victims. He claimed that Brave wallet allows users to access a built-in storage option for cryptocurrencies without taking the risk of downloading suspicious extensions.

Solana Network Integration

The Brave wallet has been focusing its attention on developing crypto-friendly features for users. Last week, Brave executives shared with the media the integration with the Solana network. However, the integration is going to become public in the upcoming year. For the time being, there are other exciting features for the users of the Brave browser, like the BAT.

BAT or the Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency that is awarded to users for watching ads. The new BAT feature is also known as Brave rewards. For the time being, the Web3 based Brave wallet is available only on the desktop version of the browser. It is expected to be available on the mobile version of the Brave browser before the end of 2021.