Coinrise – a crypto trading platform convenient for all retail traders?

Introducing Coinrise

Transitioning towards a world dominated by digital assets is an uneven process, which creates a lot of volatility and uncertainty. For the time being, the focus is on Bitcoin, Ether, and the broad altcoins markets, as opinions are divergent in terms of whether these decentralized assets will manage to replace the current monetary system.


If that happens or if it doesn’t, these assets are now actively traded by both retail and institutional players, which means anybody can open an account and do that, given brands like Coinrise offer reliable crypto trading services.

Headquartered in Canada, trading conditions at Coinrise have been drawing attention throughout the online world and this updated review will provide more data about the company, helping traders who are considering opening an account with this provider.

Coinrise trading solution

Standing out from competitors is what most trading brands aim to do, now that there are so many companies operating in the retail trading industry. Coinrise does not fall behind and offers customized and proprietary software, promising affordability and performance.


When using the platform designed by Coinrise, traders benefit from TradingView charts and a simple user interface, accessible on any type of device without any installation required.

Coinrise account types

There are 6 different retail trading accounts with Coinrise, enough to satisfy the needs of a global audience. Aware that different traders have different needs, Coinrise ensures broad diversification, allowing access to features like:

  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Fast withdrawal processing
  • Personal account manager
  • Welcome bonus on deposit
  • Daily market reviews
  • Weekly managed sessions
  • Trading alerts & event analysis

With regards to its crypto asset coverage, Coinrise is a place where traders can buy or sell-short a wide range of crypto-denominated derivatives. Tokens such as Neo, Cardano, Tron, Stellar, and ZCash are currently part of the offer, something not seen with many other providers.

More than that, cryptocurrency trading can be combined with the investing services available with Coinrise. All of these make the brand one of the places where diversification has been taken to a whole new different level.

Coinrise market news

The cryptocurrency market is highly sensitive to new headlines and when such information floods the sector, it can lead to volatile price developments in Bitcoin or other altcoins. Because of that, Coinrise has an updated news section where various articles are constantly added.


This means traders can stay updated with price-moving news free of charge, able to understand what is behind the latest developments, and maybe even to spot trading opportunities in the direction of the dominant trend.

Coinrise summary

Due to a high level of uncertainty, making long-term predictions in the crypto space is very tricky. As a result, Coinrise provides a trading offer facilitating a short-term approach, in which traders can spot opportunities in the market by using advanced charting and market fundamentals.

Coinrise operates from Canada but bear in mind that traders in other countries are eligible to sign up for an account as well.