MobiePay Changes Its Brand To Mobie Network

MobiePay, a well-known service aiming to fill up the space between the mainstream finance and blockchain industry, has declared that it would make some key modifications to its brand. Now the project has changed the name thereof into Mobie Network. In the beginning, the project began as MobiePay to make people aware of the project and service type being developed by the group to be offered. Nonetheless, with the continuation of the advancement, the project ascertained that it would broaden the span of its production of goods and technologies.

The project and change of name

However, having all the latest existing products, the title MobiePay does no longer justifies the platform as this name undermines it by signifying less than what the venue has. Consequently, the team thereof resolved to assign it a new title, “Mobie Network,” by rebranding it to expectedly assist the platform in availing more utility. The respective modification will also assist in constructing the ecosystem of Mobie by making it a perfect network rather than remaining a provider of banking/payment facility.

Above all, the respective project will additionally increase the products, including off-chain and on-chain products. The chief purpose of the project is to make Mobile Network a hub having innovations specific to cryptocurrency under the umbrella of Mobie. It would comprise everything like Mobie Bridge, rewards and staking functionalities, the app’s token side, MobieSwap, the tokenized community, and so on.

The innovations provided by Mobie Network

Some mainstream products will also be built by Mobie Network with the blockchain via connecting emerging technology and consumer experience. One method to do this is to deliver an additional personalized experience of payment. Particularly, the project will provide a business and personal finance application that will be accessible on mobile and web in the same way. Moreover, they intend to deliver an effective and reliable gateway for fiat and cryptocurrencies alike.

This will permit them to control anything, including transfers and checkouts. It has also been projected by the Mobie network that it will enter the gaming payments. For years up till now, gaming and crypto have particularly been a good match, and this relationship can be further contributed by the Mobile Network through the inclusion of innovative payments, sophisticated analytics, and data. In this way, the sector is expediting this year, and Mobie Network does unsurprisingly have its participation in this scenario.