Cryptocurrency Industry Crackdown By SEC Is Favored By Investors

The majority of cryptocurrency investors are glad and love the way the US Securities and Exchange Commission is cracking down on the cryptocurrency industry.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is proving to be very aggressive and strict against cryptocurrency firms and projects.

Although the US SEC’s actions are considered very aggressive, the majority of the crypto investors seem to like such behavior.

Recently, a survey was conducted to know what crypto investors think about the US SEC’s action on cryptocurrency firms and projects.

The survey has revealed that most of the investors are glad and support the US SEC taking strict actions against the crypto firms and projects. For them, it is a positive thing that the US SEC shows aggression.

MLIV’s Survey

MLIV Pulse recently carried out a survey that has shed light on the interest and perception of crypto investors over the US SEC’s behavior against crypto projects.

The survey was conducted among 564 respondent crypto investors. Out of the total respondents, 60% of crypto investors sided with the US SEC, citing the regulator’s flurry of crackdowns as a positive thing.

The survey results have shown that the majority of crypto investors consider the crackdowns very positive for themselves.

The survey results have confirmed that a vast majority (65%) of retail investors are highly likely to invest in cryptocurrencies. The retail investors signaled to invest in crypto if they were more regulated.

Similarly, professional crypto investors also support the same behavior of the US SEC against crypto projects. The survey confirms that 56% of the total institutional investors lean in favor of the US SEC.

Investors Not Supporting US SEC

Furthermore, the survey suggests that out of the total professional investors, 44% do not support the US SEC’s enforcement.

Then come the retail investors where 35% of them do not support the enforcement being imposed by the US SEC.

In recent months, the stance of the US SEC has grown very aggressive against the cryptocurrency industry.

The major reason behind the US SEC’s strictness against the crypto industry mainly comes from the probes launched against the major crypto firms.

These cryptocurrency firms include Three Arrows Capital and the Celsius Network. The US SEC has also launched probes against many non-fungible token projects and platforms.

Things Look Good in Future

With the US SEC demonstrating strong aggression against the cryptocurrency industry, it is expected that the industry would get streamlined and highly regulated.

This would eventually prove to be quite beneficial and advantageous for mainstream investors going forward. As the crypto sector becomes more regulated, it would be quite easier for investors to trust it.