Fidelity Has Announced Addition Of 100 New Hires For Its Cryptocurrency Unit

Fidelity Investments, a major asset management firm responsible for managing $4.5 trillion in funds has shared its plans for future expansion.

Fidelity to Bolster its Growing Business

According to the officials at Fidelity Investments, they are witnessing a great level of growth with respect to the division of their digital assets.

The adoption rate for digital assets has been growing quite significantly and they believe it is important to expand their unit as the demand continues to grow.

The company has announced that it aims to grow its team currently dealing with digital assets. According to the officials, they have plans of adding 100 more resources to their unit dealing with digital assets.

The company wants to continue growing its employee base for the crypto unit and add 100 talents from the crypto industry.

Fidelity is on a Hiring Spree

According to the officials at Fidelity Investments, they have plans of increasing their headcount by 500. They want to achieve this goal by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

For the time being, they have plans of hiring 100 employees who would be part of Fidelity’s crypto unit. Going forward, Fidelity would add 500 employees by the end of March 2023.

The reports confirm that Fidelity is aiming to hire a workforce that would target corporate, product development, finance and account, customer service, business analysis, and blockchain technology services.

The sources also claim that Fidelity is also going to hire a workforce to work in the compliance sector of cryptocurrencies.

Listings are for the US Candidates

For now, all the listings posted and readied by the Fidelity executives are for US-based candidates. Out of all the offices, Fidelity has, these listings have come in from Utah, Colorado, Texas, New York, and Boston. Boston is the headquarters of Fidelity Investments in the United States.

Going forward, Fidelity Investments is going to hire employees for its offices based in different countries. Apart from the United States, other countries would include Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Fidelity is Gathering Strong Talents

Fidelity has made its move with a great plan in mind. It has come up with a strategy at the right time to benefit the most from experienced talent in the cryptocurrency industry.

In recent months, some of the major cryptocurrency firms have ended up laying off a good chunk of their workforces.

Among the major firms are, Gemini, Coinbase, and The companies have laid off 20%, 18%, 10%, and 10% of their employees respectively.

With so much talent from the cryptocurrency world being laid off, Fidelity has found the opportunity of hiring them and make themselves a huge crypto entity.