Invxsler Review – Trade Comfortably With The Advanced Features Of This Broker

Invxsler Review

It is an arduous task for buyers to readily determine who the sellers are, and who their best options are. A lot of different factors contribute to how the financial market operates and buyers may be lost if they decide to figure this out on their own; this is where brokerages come into play. The duty of a brokerage is to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers to facilitate a transaction. However, Invxsler has taken this task a bit personal, by enabling various mechanisms to enable seamless transactions that put smiles on the faces of investors.

Invxsler is an all-inclusive trading platform that allows for several trading assets, ranging from forex to cryptocurrency, and we will be providing you with an Invxsler exchange review.

You may want to indulge in assets trading, which can be very lucrative and that is why you are here. Finding the right platform that meets all your trading needs might be a hassle; finding a platform that has a grasp over a good number of trading assets is rare, as it is no easy feat, but it is something Invxsler has achieved.

The online trading scene keeps evolving and people are in search of brokers with the best features to optimize trading and make as many profits as possible. Active traders require several trading tools and techniques, to point out trends and influence them into making the right moves.

It is a huge win for you to be able to find a versatile, reliable trading platform that allows you to have various trading accounts, assets, recommendations, and real-time value of crypto, currencies, and commodities. It is a huge win to trade using Invxsler.

Broker platform Invxsler
Trading Instruments Crypto, forex, stocks, commodities, indices
Account needed Yes
Education Yes
Minimum deposit(€) 200
Trading Platform Web-based
Payment Method e-wallets, credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency
Customer Support Email, phone, office

What is Invxsler?

Invxsler is a bitcoin-based trading platform, founded in the year 2018. They provide a variety of assets: commodities, crypto, stocks, indices, and forex, for all crypto transactions. Since its inception in 2018, Invxsler has served customers in over 140 countries while being licensed to do so. Invxsler is located in the UK, specifically, 30 Churchill PI, London.

This platform prides itself on its ability to aid trading swiftly and securely. Invxsler has also seen to it that it provides an efficient trading platform.  Due to the hype in digital currencies, Invxsler, trying to offer top customer service offers a wide range of crypto options, including bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, and ethereum.

As we know that active traders require several trading tools and techniques for pointing out trends, Invxsler aims to keep up with this, but with only consistent and credible trading options. The needs of customers are ever-growing, so Invxsler relentlessly invests in research and development to develop new product offers. Again, it took into account that people have preferences when it enabled a WebTrader site, a MetaTrader 4, and a mobile app. Awesome, right?

Also, orders can be placed anytime during the day, as the platform operates 24/7. For effective trading and sufficient available assets, Invxsler is connected to  multiple liquidity providers.  Exciting to know that all trades are executed at one Amazon AWS server in a swift fashion.

Oozing professionalism, this company equips every user, regardless of their status, with a vast trading system that offers highly dependable market data and performance. The products Invxsler offers are attractive to beginners and professional traders alike. Plus, the app is user-friendly enough to be welcoming to even first-time users. Invxsler is equipped with a learning section filled with resourceful materials like graphs, eBooks, charts and other learning materials, which are constantly updated to keep up with changing trends.

Invxsler Trading Services

Invxsler offers several services including market updates, social trading, webinar access trading e-book, among others. It also has 7 different trading accounts: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, premium, and VIP. Bronze being the least costly account goes for 10,000 euros, silver; 25,000 euros, gold; 50,000 euros, platinum; 100,000 euros, diamond; 25,000 euros, premium; 500,000 euros, and VIP for 1,000,000 euros. It also has an Islamic account.

Users are also allowed to buy and own units of crypto, or sell with plans to purchase it later. These are referred to as the long and short positions, respectively.

Invxsler takes things a step further by offering support by enabling the use of two accounts, to help beginners grow. Demo trading account allows investors to practice and gain experience; they can make mistakes and learn at no cost at all, a show of their support for new traders. Regardless, the real-time account is one where investors can trade and start making profits.

Trading Processes

Trading could be done manually or automatically. Manual trading involves human decision-making for entering and exiting trades. Traders use the MetaTrader 4 platform to make speculative trades. It is a very effective platform with great interface and advanced functions, which can be used to trade crypto CDs and for that reason, it is widely used. On the other hand, when it comes to auto trading, which is also known as algorithmic trading, traders establish rules that once programmed, can be executed through a computer- for both trade entries and exits.

Invxsler makes use of two platforms: RoboX and Mirror Trader. These platforms are adequately equipped to help users enjoy trading in both CFD and Forex markets. Mirror Trader is easier to navigate, while RoboX is for more experienced traders.

It is important to note that the selling point of auto trading is its accuracy, speed and low costs. Again, not all assets available on the auto trading platforms are available on the MT4 platform.

Trading Tools

Trading tools are important in trading, even if they are often overlooked. They provide guidance and serve as indicators while using the trading platform. In a way, you could say they help you trade safely.

Invxsler has a variety of trading tools available to its users, these tools include calendars, notifications (of financial events that could affect trade), charts, among others.

Invxsler Fees

When trading on the Invxsler platform, you do not have to worry about fees taking a huge bite from your profits.  If you are used to being charged high fees by brokers, well, welcome to a new dispensation with Invxsler. When you trade on Invxsler, the spreads are tight and there is low broker commission, for sure, this increases your profit margins.

Are you worried that there may be hidden or extra fees in the long run? There’s none of that on this trading platform. It should also interest you to know that there are no transaction fees. At all. Deposits? Withdrawals? Doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, banks or intermediaries could charge transfer fees, but Invxsler is not liable for expenses incurred. Credit card withdrawals would attract a fee of about 3.5% which is usually charged by Visa for transfers.

However, trade accounts that have been dormant for 45 days will incur charges of $100 monthly. Also, closing down your auto trading account without completing 20 transactions will attract a fee of $100.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

If you decide to start trading on Invxsler, you need to open an account, and to do this, you need to make a deposit. The minimum amount you can deposit is 200 euros. You can make a deposit through three payment methods: cryptocurrency, visa/mastercard, and bank wire. Same options are available for withdrawal, which may take up to 7 working days. Withdrawal is carried out by clicking on the “Withdrawal” tab.

Invxsler does not allow third party payments; payments can only be made by the involved account. And  following the AML, the company is obligated to accept withdrawals strictly from the same account as the trading account. Profits gotten are sent through bank transfers.

Assets Available For Trading at Invxsler

  • Commodities refer to goods used in commerce that can be exchanged with other goods. They are valuable items deposited in the earth as nature’s gift. Investors make their money by trading commodities based on shifts and movement in market prices which is largely affected by demand and supply.

Investors trade commodities to diversify their portfolios because prices of commodities usually move in the opposite direction of stocks.

According to investors, commodities can be classified into hard commodities; gold, silver, and even crude oil, and soft commodities which are cultivated by man which include grains, wheat.

  • Contract for Difference(CFD) on cryptocurrency. Invxsler users can simply log in to their account and make CFD trades with crypto. It offers bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple CFD trading to interested users. It is explained on the platform that CFD trading is highly risky and that users bear the brunt; the investors bear all the losses and are advised to invest very little. Something they can afford to lose.
  • There are several stocks available for trading through your Invxsler account. However, with Invxsler being on top of everything and keeping up with reliable, profitable trends, the latest stocks you can trade are Cannabis stocks. Yes, you read that right.

Cannabis has been legalized in a lot of countries worldwide, in over 30 States in just the US, and also in Canada.  As a result of its legalization, there has been a surge in its buying and selling. No sanctions and less judgments from people. So, Invxsler has decided to hop on this and add four fast-selling cannabis stocks to their available trading assets. These stocks include GW Pharmaceuticals, AbbieVie Inc., Scotts Miracle-Gro.

However, investors are still advised to invest cautiously and wisely, and also seek the advice of experts.

  • Indices are indicators of the pooled movement of a group of assets. A stock gives you one share of ownership in a single company, it is one at a time, however, with indices, you acquire a portfolio of assets which generally includes shares in many companies, as well as bonds and other assets. Essentially, with indices, you are investing your money in many different stocks, simultaneously.
  • Foreign Exchange. Foreign exchange, also known as forex is a global over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. It involves the changing of one currency into another for a variety of purposes, including commerce and trading. Forex, because of its global reach, is the largest and most liquid asset market in the world.

Invxsler Interface

Invxsler’s website has a calm, welcoming interface but it screams one thing, professionalism! The website looks appealing and is very easy to navigate. It gives a strong first impression that portrays the image the company is going for.

It is a great platform to use, especially for beginners. A new trader might be discouraged by illustrations, graphs and other technicalities other platforms might employ. Some platforms are designed with a lot of sophisticated features that may be challenging to navigate by a new user. Users have easy access to information as soon as they log in; infographics are used to provide basic information about the company.  Essentially, Invxsler is adequately equipped with features  that are needed to provide seamless trading transactions.

Is Invxsler Secure?

First things first, the Invxsler team understood the assignment. With a lot of scams out there, the average trader needs to be extra careful in choosing their brokers. You are in luck, because Invxsler is just right; the website is precise and informative.

Invxsler has the needs of traders at heart. There is a major focus on the security department because inadequate security can lead to loss of investments and the likes, this has put fear in the heart of traders.

Due to the meteoric rise in crypto’s popularity, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommended that these online transactions be regulated by the AML and KYC policies.

Invxsler has these privacy policies in place and requires traders to provide some legal documents before withdrawal can take place. The first document is a proof of identification, like a national id, or driver’s license, the second is a proof of address which could be a bank statement. This is all in line with the KYC(Know Your Customer) policy of Invxsler. It requires traders to prove their identity before they can trade. This might scare off some people, but it shouldn’t if you are legitimate; it streamlines the number of traders. Once the company gets a report regarding an account, it proceeds to investigate such account, and closes it if it is warranted.

It also incorporates AML(Anti Money Laundering) policy. This helps brokers monitor and avoid any illegal activities like money laundering.

Now, to the encryption aspect; there is the infusion of the latest technology which secures the platform and prevents unauthorized access. However, what is all these if you don’t play your part? It is your duty to keep your log in details safe, as disclosing it to the wrong people could cost you a lot.

Customer Support

It is a fact that businesses can’t survive if they don’t meet the needs of their customers. There is no use for them if they can’t do that. Customer service on Invxsler is top-notch, they have a solid support structure that resolves complaints and answers questions easily.  Invxsler consists of operatives working efficiently over multiple phone lines and emails.

So far, they have been very receptive and knowledgeable, providing practical solutions to problems. There is also the FAQs section, which is dedicated to customers’ frequently asked questions.

  • Email

In any case where you encounter issues that need to be addressed, under the “contact” column which is the last subsection on the “About Us” list when you click on the left side of the platform, you would see the company’s email.

  • Office

Even with the regulations being strict in the UK, they have their headquarters in London, and other corporate branches in cities like Cyprus.

  • Phone Numbers

On their website, Invxsler provided two phone numbers you can use to reach out to them in case of any problem. One will put you on directly with the support department, while the other, the trading floor.

  • Website

You can easily place a complaint via their website. Under the “contact” column, you can send a message directly to Invxsler.


Invxsler is all that you wish for in a brokerage, and more. It is a great, diversified platform, with a lot of modern functions. Trading on this platform has been simplified to a large extent.

With the aim to satisfy every customer’s needs, and help them diversify their portfolio, Invxsler provides various assets for trading.

Its improves security by following FATF recommended policies: KYC and AML, and using an encrypted SSC and Cloudfare.

It provides an avenue for beginner traders to learn from the experts. It takes note of the trader’s questions and provides adequate answer. This company is evolving with the times and making provisions to keep up with the credible trends.

Looking at Invxsler objectively, you can tell that it is a distinguished platform, almost too good to be true. It exists to satisfy traders, and simplify the trading process.