OrbitGTM Review – Is OrbitGTM Scam or a Proper Broker?

OrbitGTM Review

Are you an online trader and tired of managing several trading accounts? Why not join OrbitGTM for effective trading solutions? Once you step into trading, there is no stop. It is a profitable business that attracts people to take a risk and invest, and as they start earning profits, they never turn their back. Traders usually start by investing in one trading instrument. Still, with time they hear fellow traders talking about a sustainable profit ratio in other trading instruments and invest in them too. Although multiple investments in different financial markets increase their potential growth, handling multiple trading accounts is a hassle.

OrbitGTM understands this problem and provides a comprehensive solution for managing multiple trading accounts. It offers numerous trading instruments under one roof, allowing traders to invest in them and shift their assets as per the condition of financial markets. In this way, they minimize the risk of losing money in the financial markets while providing excellent assistance in managing the trading accounts that is only one all-inclusive trading account. You will learn more about this trading platform in this OrbitGTM review.

Brokers or brokerage is mandatory for trading. Although the “custom” of trading is highly influenced by the development of technologically integrated website-based trading platforms and online payment systems, the demand for a reliable brokerage is unparalleled. Without using a trading platform, traders get every facility at a distance of a click as they search through the internet, but still, they face hurdles that can cause significant mental and financial stress. Brokers are helpful in this regard. Obviously, like anyone, traders want to eliminate the source of stress that blocks their way towards unmatchable success. For this reason, they look around and search for reliable brokerage.

There are many reliable and trusted brokerages on the internet which have been providing excellent services for traders, and OrbitGTM is one of them. OrbitGTM had been designed to satisfy the thirst for a comprehensive trading platform. The experts behind the trading platform device this multidimensional platform list down solutions for problems they have faced while trading in the financial markets. As trading is mainly conducted online, using online media has a whole new set of issues, and OrbitGTM is the one to design contemporary solutions for traders. It is a wholesome trading platform offering various trading products to choose from while taking care of all the additional needs.

The other services include trading tools, an educational centre, a safe and secure environment, privacy policies, multiple trading accounts as per the budget, consultation feasibility from leading financial experts and constant technical support to use trade online efficiently. Along with this, OrbitGTM has its own set of qualities that differentiate them from other brokerages and lead traders to decide in favour of OrbitGTM.

Top Reasons To Choose OrbitGTM

Suppose you are persuaded to make a decision, especially a decision related to your finances involving investment. So, for joining a trading platform, you must have solid reasons to choose it. After working with OrbitGTM, I have come up with some reasons that made me their loyal customers for a lifetime. Let me share them with you.

  • Reliability

Reliability is a critical factor for choosing any company or a trading platform. No traders will invest their hard-earned money on a trading platform that is not reliable for them, and they fear losing their investment amount. People prefer staying safe. OrbitGTM has a good clientele as it has won the trust of traders by providing remarkable services. Traders get stable prices for their assets and assistance to get a good return on their investment.

  • Transparency

Mostly, every company that establishes claims itself as a transparent company, but in reality, only a few deliver good services. OrbitGTM is one of the trading platforms that has built its reputation as a transparent and integrated company among the leaders and traders of the world’s leading financial markets. Nonetheless, it is an honour that traders join this trading platform and invest large sums of money without giving a second thought about risk or scam. OrbitGTM forms a relationship with its customers by giving them complete control and authority over their investment amount and encouraging them to trade independently.

  • Professional Team

One person cannot run a company effectively to the point services, and excellency demands efficient teamwork and collective efforts. OrbitGTM forms its basis on a competent team of educated and experienced members. There are different teams for developing and maintaining the website, financial consultation, customer service representatives who attend and record customers’ queries and a section for collaborating and running operations. All of these teams are directed to provide maximum facility for customers coming to this trading platform.

  • Verified Payments

Trading is all about finances, and OrbitGTM ensures these payments remain safe. This is crucial to support the finances of traders as well as the integrity of the trading platform. When registering on OrbitGTM, the form requires your personal information and banking details. To transfer payment to your trading account or receive a withdrawal, a trader can only use the account registered with OrbitGTM. Eliminating the third party’s influence to pay or receive the amount removes the probability of any mistake or money made using illegal resources.

  • Use of Technology

Online trading platforms are based on the use of technology. From the building of the trading interface in the form of a website or a downloadable application, integration of trading tools, developing the system for online payments, buying and selling trading products without involving a physical activity involve robust technological advances. OrbitGTM incorporates technology for maximizing the security of the platform and providing a trading experience that is beneficial and memorable. Traders attain a smooth trading experience as they trade on a technologically advanced trading platform.

  • Corporate Responsibility

OrbitGTM aims to help people develop a profitable outcome on their investment. It wants to provide them with a sustainable resource that is easy to manage, effortless and less time-consuming. It is essential for the economic prosperity of people and improving the socio-economic condition around the globe.  While providing such a resource, it is crucial that the gateway is legitimate and protects the user’s information, dignity and interest. OrbitGTM absorbs the guidelines of corporate governance standards to deliver all the rights of the consumers.

Significant Facilities at OrbitGTM

Facilities are the services offered by a trading platform. OrbitGTM is an all-inclusive trading platform that offers many facilities other than providing access to multiple financial markets. These facilities include a multi-device interface, an educational centre, customer care service centre, security features, multiple trading accounts and trading tools. Isn’t it accomplishing that a trader gets all its needs covered under the roof of one platform? Indeed, this is great, and you can realize the benefits of these perks only when you are a part of OrbitGTM. These facilities greatly influence the trader’s journey of exploring trading instruments and financial markets.

So, now let us discuss some of these facilities in detail to understand OrbitGTM better.

  • Access To Several Financial Markets

One of the primary features of OrbitGTM is that it provides access to several financial markets. They offer a variety of trading products, and traders get numerous options in each trading product. For example, OrbitGTM offers to trade in more than 5000 crypto coins. Isn’t it great that traders have a wide variety of trading products? The scope of earning profit multiplies when a trader can trade in various financial markets simultaneously. This diversity is also crucial to diversify the trading portfolio of the trader. A trader can build a strategy and shift from one trading product to another as he sees the scope for growth in another product.

OrbitGTM offers forex, digital currency, commodities, shares, indices, bonds, gas, and oil. Traders can choose one or more trading products as per their convenience and interest. It offers stocks from the leading companies of the world. Commodities include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Higher the inflation rate, there are enormous chances for traders to earn huge profits on commodity trading. OrbitGTM also provides the facility of leveraged trading in each product. This helps the trader maximize their profit potential by investing in more specific trading products in more quantity. Traders can use this leverage facility for any trading product, infact, for ones they are not trading. This alternative mode of trading using leverage is a safe and profitable deal.

  • A Multiple Device Interface

As mentioned earlier, OrbitGTM is a trading platform striving to provide maximum comfort and easiness for traders. They have one rule of thumb to keep their customers’ demands and feasibility before including any service. One of the main features of OrbitGTM is to provide ease of access. OrbitGTM understands that some people use multiple devices during the day, such as using a PC or laptop at work, using a different machine at home or carrying a cellphone. It designed a platform with a multi-facet interface to sign up into their trading account from anywhere they want.

It comes first, so that we will discuss the web-based interface. It is an official website where traders register to create an account at OrbitGTM. Its design is simple and effective so newcomers can quickly grasp where to begin the trading process, and experts find it user-friendly. This website has a well-organized structure and interface changes as per the device used to access the website. It is a professionally designed website inviting traders to join OrbitGTM. Web-based platforms are essential; they can be used on any browser, such as internet explorer- a preinstalled browser on Microsoft windows, google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera and opera-mini on a cell phone, including all others on the list.

The second interface is downloadable applications from google play store for android and iCloud for apple devices without any charges. These applications are specifically designed for traders to download and enjoy trading on their phones. This also enhances the security of their information and data. These applications are easy to use and contain all the features available on the web-based platform.

  • The Education Center

If you observe the statistics, the failure ratio for traders in the financial markets has drastically decreased. This is not because the volatility of trading products has stabilized over the years. Still, the fact is that trading conditions are greatly improved by organized trading platforms and the autonomy of traders over their investment amount.

Trading is not about buying and selling the trading products only. It is about observing and understanding the market conditions and then making the right decision at the right time while cutting down the chances of any risk. These decision-making skills develop in a trader when he learns the tactics and mechanisms ruling the financial markets. OrbitGTM takes the responsibility to build the concepts of trading in the traders, so they longer depend on a brokerage or automated tools to make crucial decisions on a trader’s behalf. For this purpose, they have purposefully built an educational centre.

The education centre is fully equipped and geared with all the basics that form the basis of trading. The team running OrbitGTM has gathered authentic lectures of professionals from various resources. These lectures are present in videos, webinars, seminars, ebooks, FAQs and glossaries. The glossary has definitions of important and frequently used terms that help traders better understand things while trading. Another vital educational resource is about the risk management of financial markets. Here, traders are provided with real cases and then taught to manage risk so that their trading voyage does not sink halfway into the ocean of trading markets.  A trader can easily access all the available educational material through the website and via the application.

A trader using an advanced, pro, or VIP account can get a customized educational plan and one-to-one sessions from financial experts connected with OrbitGTM. Using their services, anyone can develop expertise and become an expert.

Customer Care Service

Anyone may need help and guidance while trading. Newbies are more hesitant to make decisions and usually require consultation from experts not to suffer any financial losses. As online trading conducts operations through technical platforms, any malfunctioning of the website or application can cause severe consequences for the trading experience. Financial markets go up and down quickly, so traders can grab the best opportunity coming their way. So, the trading platform must be functioning at all times. You can call OrbitGTM at any time of the day. It is operational on all days of the year, including public holidays.

Customer service representatives are active and respond to queries within no time. When traders join OrbitGTM, they get assurance that experienced and expert traders can guide them if they need any help. These professionals are always present at a call distance and can be reached using email as well. The technical experts are also present 24X7 to resolve any website or application related problems. The team works hard to deliver the best services for the customers.

Multiple Trading Accounts

Traders get access to all the services of OrbitGTM through their registered trading account. A registered reading account is the verified trading account in which a trader has deposited an amount to purchase the trading products. There are multiple trading accounts at OrbitGTM. Each account offers a bonus on the invested amount so traders can enter OrbitGTM with the full potential to succeed.

These trading accounts include a basic version available at a deposit of $250 only. Medium, advanced, and pro trading accounts are available at a stake of $25000, $50000 and $ 100000, respectively. However, the VIP account is only available on the recommendation of an account manager, so the minimum amount of investment is disclosed to recommended traders only. Each account provides access to multiple trading tools and personalized services. These trading tools include calculators, economic calendars, live market news, charts and currency exchange rates. Traders get more dedicated and advanced services as he invests more with OrbitGTM, including a more bonus and leverages, dedicated account manager, customized educational plans, one-to-one sessions with expert traders. All of the bounties in a trading account are planned to cater to traders’ needs in every possible way.


Suppose you want to achieve peace of mind while trading. You need a trading platform like OrbitGTM. OrbitGTM is one of the finest trading platforms connecting traders to multiple financial markets while providing facilities to assure traders’ success. It is a technologically advanced, reliable and transparent trading platform that enables traders to take charge of their investment by providing educational resources to develop skills in traders to trade successfully. It has enhanced equity based defined policies for working so no one faces any discrepancy while working on this trading platform. Additionally, it offers a safe and secure environment through web-based or application-based interfaces where traders’ information and the investment amount are safe from hackers and fraudulent entities. A trader feels more comfortable and relaxed as he depends on the professional team behind this trading platform.