Reserve CEO Nevin Freeman Says that Inflation is a Human Rights Issue

Inflation has always been a concern for mainline investors and people who worry about their money, losing its worth over time. There are times of intense inflation, and there are times of peace, but inflation as a hard, bitter truth continues to prevail no matter what. The money you have now today is not going to add the same value tomorrow because inflation, even in the minute sense of the word, has affected its very value. Nevin Freeman, the CEO of Reserve, says that stable coins, fiat currency, and inflation are basically tied to human rights.

In the episode of Empire, which is a Blockworks’ podcast, the co-founder and CEO of Reserve says that inflation is not to be taken as a hard measure of investing men in preserving the value of their money but as a basic human rights issue. Reserve was established back then to offer individuals of every kind access to a stable currency and other financial services so they can protect themselves from hyperinflation and its destructive influence.

Crypto Market Opens New Investment Opportunities for Everyone

The access of investment opportunities should be made more apparent and ample so that everyone, no matter in what investing capacity they can act out of, should have access to these opportunities. Cryptocurrency and decentralization might just be the answer to this unjust distribution of the availability of investment opportunities. Anyone can buy crypto from anywhere on the planet; they don’t have to possess a bank account or any other thrilling requirement that needs to be fulfilled for them to become a part of something great, something that provides a reasonable hedge against inflation.

The usual fiat currencies, on the other hand, are unjust in this manner, and not every human has access to them which is a very direct violation of the basic human rights which states that everyone must be provided with the same opportunities and then they are free to choose or act on them in their own private capacity. This is something that fiat currencies and investment opportunities of the centralized world lack as compared to decentralized finance, which strongly makes these opportunities available for everyone.