Turkey Has Also Entered Marathon Of Becoming A Pro Blockchain Country

The people of Turkey who have been part of the cryptocurrency industry are now aiming to take things to the next level. The country is aiming to take its cryptocurrency ecosystem to the next level.

Turkey Aims to Buy the Dip

Just when the entire cryptocurrency industry is afraid of buying more into cryptocurrencies due to the downtrend, Turkey is going in the opposite direction.

The people in the country find the ongoing market downfall to be the best opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. They want to make the best out of it and build most of it while the industry is in the hot waters.

Turkey to Become Crypto Hub

For almost a year, it has been claimed that Turkey is getting ready to explore the crypto-blockchain sector on a highly pro level.

The country is aiming to gain as much exposure as possible to technology so it has more knowledge. Turkey has become a proponent of crypto-blockchain technology and wants to become a welcoming country towards the sector.

The country is now welcoming several crypto-blockchain projects and wants to build itself around the industry as much as it can during the downtrend.

The ultimate goal Turkey wants to achieve is to make the country a major business hub. Out of all the projects and blockchains Turkey aims to support, the Ethereum network is on top of the list.

Turkey’s Adoption is on the Next Level

Turkey is emerging as one of the most active and highly participating countries in the world when it comes to crypto-blockchain adoption.

So far, many communities have been formed within the crypto-blockchain industry of Turkey. There are even university clubs that have been interacting with each other to gain more knowledge and understanding of the crypto-blockchain industry.

The country has also entered crypto-blockchain academics alongside providing flexible and highly supportive platforms to blockchain developers.

Most importantly, Turkey is also going with the latest innovations and creations of the crypto-blockchain industry, Web3. It is providing a very firm and highly coordinated environment to Web3 startups to grow and expand.

Events to Promote Crypto-Blockchain

The country has been working really hard to create as much awareness as possible among the locals involving crypto-blockchain technology.

So far, multiple crypto-blockchain events have been held in Turkey to promote the technology and its adoption. Some of the most prominent events include Istanbul Blockchain week, Blockchain Economy Istanbul, and ETH Istanbul.

Given the current situation of the country’s economy and the value of its local currency “the lira”, it is crucial that Turkey goes all into crypto-blockchain technology.

Adopting the technology would allow Turkey to help its economy like Iran and Cuba which are facing worse economic conditions.

Among other cryptocurrencies expected to gain from Turkey’s interest, it would be Ether (ETH) that would have the most to earn.