Top Crypto Analyst Believes XRP Is One Of The Best Cryptocurrencies Right Now

A major crypto analyst who is popular for their very timely Bitcoin predictions has recently just made a major announcement that XRP is looking like one of the biggest coins in the market.

XRP is seeing something of a major resurgence in recent months following its major court case with the SEC. Investors are currently very concerned with how the market is looking since the consistent interest rate hikes are making it a lot more difficult for different assets to rally.

However, interestingly enough, investors have started to channel this frustration that they have with many government organizations into different cryptocurrencies. More specifically, the increased interest rate hikes have led to even more people investing in XRP.

Donalt is Ready to Take on More XRP

XRP has taken most investors by storm, as plenty in the market is now buying more to get in on the bullish trend. Better known in the industry as DonAlt, the analyst had a new strategy session, during which he made it very clear that he is ready to get more XRP in the event that cryptocurrencies as a whole have another sell-off event.

According to his predictions, he is looking to buy a lot more of XRP at its cheapest so that he can watch it grow. He believes that the coin will drop eventually, given the unique circumstances throughout the market, but it is also likely that will proceed to recuperate the lost price and move forward as well.

Te analyst also mentioned that he was looking to get XRP at a price of $0.38 since it will help him turn the highest profit. However, he is also very clear that he will very likely not be getting XRP at this price.

XRP is Looking to Go Up

Other than looking to buy crypto at a cheaper price and then holding on to it is looking much more difficult now. While the rest of the crypto market right now is not looking very bright, XRP is that one big silver lining.

Despite the analyst looking to buy XRP at $0.38, he also believes that the chart will not drop at all, and will instead continue to rise. One of the reasons why he believes that XRP will moon is because they are more than likely to win the court case.

Riding the Momentum

DonAlt believes that as soon as they win the court case, XRP will ride the momentum from the win and its price will quickly start climbing. While it is still too early to say if the claims of XRP reaching as high as $5 are true, the coin is still very much on the right track.