What Solana’s 408 GitHub Submissions Every Day Means

Market participants best know Solana for its low fees and high speeds. However, individuals highly drawn into the project also recognize Solana’s ambitious goals of attracting increased users and multiple developers in the crypto space.

However, is Solana on its way to achieving the targets? The latest insight reports by Santiment on cryptocurrency projects and development rates offer essential info about networks with a high probability of winning big.

Let Us Dig Dip

Solana secures the second spot in the top ten leading assets on development activity and contributions. Santiment’s report highlighted that the development rate is on a mild calm after peaking nearly three months ago. However, the 408 submission each day shows SOL’s team is ready to improve the asset.

Solana has seen development activity surging since April started. Though it resorted to downward trends from April 22, Solana’s daily submission rate (and the top-ten status) remains impressive.

Moreover, investor sensations tend to instill confidence in any project. That attracts developers, further enhancing the metric. While publishing this blog, Solana’s weighted sentiment hovered near 0.096. Though optimistic, it remained far from the euphoric surge, lucrative news for SOL bulls.

The primary concert is Solana has had its volumes declining since the early sessions of April. Though the token’s price may not necessarily connect to the development activity, this month’s volume plunge isn’t a lucrative signal for surging user adoption.

Nevertheless, which project or network won the trophy for development activity? Santiment stated that Uniswap outperformed other nearest projects in updates to its GitHub per day. The report added that Uniswap noted nearly 1,430 GitHub submissions every day.

What That Means

How is Terra’s LUNA performing? Perceived as Solana’s competitor in price actions, Terra’s development activity stood at 7.69, far lower than SOL’s 75 at this publication. That shows why it is vital for investors to look past numbers and evaluate the asset’s development potential and price actions.

While publishing this article, Solana traded at $99.17, with a slight 0.75% gain within the past 24 hours. However, the crypto spectrum battles bearishness that originated amid the latest slump.

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