Genopets To Revolutionize NFT Gaming

Genopets is an NFT game that has brought a twist to the already revolutionary world of NFT games. It is the first NFT game to employ the move-to-earn concept. It pays gamers to stay active. In recent times NFT games like Axie Infinity have gotten more recognition. The reason is that these games allow the players to generate income from playing them with the play-to-earn concept. However, the move-to-earn idea uses wearable gadgets to transform steps or activities in the real world into rewards in the gaming space.

A spokesperson for the game said that having a 9 to 5 that has you stuck at a desk all day can make it challenging to invest time in taking care of yourself. The game Genopets, he says, aims to solve that problem by encouraging people to stay active in their daily lives.

Genopets run on the Solana network. The gameplay surrounds users raising their Genopet, an NFT spirit animal, and leveling it up. When gamers connect the game to wearable devices or mobile devices, they earn rewards for staying active. The in-game rewards are accumulated as $KI tokens which can be used to get resources and level up your pet in the game. The developers say that the game’s concept is inspired by the  Tamagotchi game where gamers had to look after a virtual pet and Pokemon, the training and battling elements.

How The Game Works

Genopets collect data from your wearable or mobile devices to boost game experience and progress. The game is structured such that gamers that are more physically active will see their Genopets develop more rapidly than others who are not, giving them an advantage in battle and more real-world financial value.

Ownership of the NFT is based on $Genie tokens which are accessible to min,t, unlike other play-to-earn NFT games where purchases have to be made. Then in-game player rewards are earned in $KI. Partner at Pantera Capital Paul Veradittakit believes the play-to-earn NFT game movement is one they have been following closely. They think that it is going to the gaming industry and bringing many people into the space.

Genopet Announced Partnerships And Platforms

Earlier this month, Genopets announced a partnership with Yield Guild Games. Yield Guild Games connects players that can earn via blockchain economies. It covers the initial cost for gamers to enable them to participate and agree to split profits at the end of the day. For players to earn rewards, they have to rent a habitat for the game like an entry-level fee. According to Genopet, YGG has purchased up to $25,000 in $GENE. It is going to be producing branded YGG habitat tokens equipped with YGG Genopet players.

As for exchanges, Genopet announced a partnership with MEXC Global and Bybit to list their $GENE token. So players can trade and purchase their $GENE token on these platforms. The approach taken by Genopet to encourage people to be physically active is sure to capture a new segment of the gaming market.