KuCoin Announces To Open A Virtual Office In Bloktopia metaverse

KuCoin (a crypto exchange) has declared to open a virtual administration inside Blokotopia (a skyscraper within the decentralized metaverse). In an announcement of 2nd November, it has been stated by KuCoin that it would join the metaverse through the launch of an enterprise in the platform of Blokotopia, structured like a skyscraper. There are 21 diverse levels in the virtual building where the cumulative supply of BTC (Bitcoin) is up to 21 million and it would expectedly include other content developers like Avalanche and Polygon.

As per the exchange, the meta enterprise will permit the consumers to decorate their cyberpunks, have interaction with digital furnishing, along with speaking and chat with each other existing in the digital environment. KuCoin has adopted a business model which is metaverse-friendly, with assisting the local token of  Blokotopia, called BLOK along with the utility token related to DREAMS (Dreams Quest), a gaming venue based on blockchain having a target at an economy based on metaverse. In the recent week, prominent corporations such as Nike, Microsoft, and Facebook have all declared their plans to participate in the metaverse.

Facebook formally rebranded to Meta, the services related to the gaming console of Xbox and the Teams thereof have been updated by Microsoft which is included in its plan regarding metaverse, and job postings of Nike presented that the attire firm was incorporating a designer for digital shoes. If the crypto companies will comply with KuCoin’s instance in developing a digital office field for consumers is yet to be witnessed, however, Chris Cox (the chief product officer of Facebook) talked during the 2021’s Web Summit (which was held today) regarding the possible betterments into some firms.

He added that he began attending his staff conferences in workrooms because he perceives it to be a better way to observe the body language of everyone included in the discussion along with spatial audio allowing the persons to talk with each other. One can utilize the hands that count to be a major factor in communication. He moved on to state that the participants can also lean to alter others’ attention based on posture being another thing included in a group meeting. Having started in 2017, it has been reported by KuCoin that the company had over 10M consumers up till August. In the recent year, hackers took nearly $275M from the company in advance of its recovery of a significant amount of funds.