Pro Crypto American Senator Calls Bitcoin the Standard For Other Digital Assets

A senator of the United States, Cynthia Lummis representing Wyoming has aired out her opinion about BTC, XRP, and Dogecoin among other digital assets in a show on CNBC called Squawk Box show.

The senator said the only lasting cryptocurrency, in the long run, will be Bitcoin while others will fade with time.

Special Attention to Altcoins

Having established her stance as a pro-Bitcoin, the show’s host asked Lummis if those other cryptos whose prices were displayed on the screen during the show will last as long as BTC. These assets in question include Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Lummis believes the standard for the crypto industry is Bitcoin and it is going to be here for long. Answering the question in front of her, she mentioned that there has to be extra attention paid to the altcoins since they are created differently from BTC. While BTC is decentralized, the status of others is questionable.

Particularly, she spoke of digital assets that are created by some entities and individuals while a huge amount is kept for themselves. While she didn’t mention any asset, she reiterated that such an asset would be a security. She went ahead to mention the expected features associated with the tokens though she did not name Ethereum nor XRP.

To display her level of confidence in BTC, she mentioned that the asset is digital gold as it is more of a commodity.

MicroStrategy Going More Bullish on Bitcoin Next year

In an interview, Michael Saylor, the founder, and CEO of MicroStrategy mentioned that there has been more clarity on BTC than ever after it has gotten more interest from the US Congress and Wall Street.

Also, he mentioned that the crypto community has gotten over the crypto crackdown in China which has established the mining power within the US borders. This, among other reasons, is why Michael Saylor might go bullish on BTC in the next 12 months.

MicroStrategy’s Plan to Acquire More BTC

The leading company in the business intelligence software industry has mentioned its plan to acquire more bitcoin though, the CEO, Michael Saylor did not mention the expectation he has on the value of the asset but, he is convinced that it will be going forever.

According to Michael, for the next decade and more, BTC will remain the best and, of course, the most store of value.