Solana Network is Giving Tough Competition to Cardano

For the time being, Cardano is not doing very well on the cryptocurrency leader board. The native token of Cardano, ADA, has been overtaken by SOL native to the Solana network. This recent event has sparked debate and controversy among the Cardano traders. To address the issue, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has hosted a live Q&A session on YouTube.

Charles Hoskinson is the man behind the Cardano blockchain, and he is also the CEO of the parent company IOG. Hoskinson has recently set up an official YouTube channel for the Cardano community to interact and inform the Cardano community members in all parts of the world. However, he recently addressed the Cardano investors’ questions about ADA not being able to keep up with the SOL token.

Charles Hoskinson shared a recent update on his Twitter account, sharing the first glance of the roadmap for Cardano for the next year. He also added that the upgrades and expectations from the Cardano blockchain had been met with resounding success. During a recent Q&A session, one user put forward the question of ADA falling behind the SOL token.

To this, Hoskinson asked for the real identity of the user who asked this question. Hoskinson told the viewers that he had only recently returned from his visit to Africa. He further added that for Cardano, the value does not lie in the monetary return but the main focus of the community to make technological advances. Hoskinson opines that every person in the crypto community will be able to become a millionaire soon enough on account of the hyperinflation that is going to hit the financial markets with full force.

Charles Hoskinson is Optimistic about Cardano Project in Africa

Charles Hoskinson shared positive news from the continent of Africa and claimed that the future of the Cardano blockchain looks bright in the region. He added that there are several industries and underdeveloped infrastructure that can improve in Africa with the help of Cardano technology. He also claimed that he has been able to conclude his 30-day tour of the continent as fruitful and a success.

Shedding further reflection on the matter, Hoskinson claimed that the Cardano blockchain has been able to find partners in the region that are willing to cooperate with the IOG blockchain project. He explained that the company plans to improve the infrastructure and cryptocurrency mechanism in the region and connect both to make it more effective for the welfare of the locals.